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Abigail Knue, MFA 

Abby Knue arrived to K9 Turbo Training with an eclectic bag of experience. Abby was a Kindergarten teacher in a Montessori setting for 18 years before becoming the Education Director at The Creature Conservancy in Ann Arbor. It was there that she was introduced to positive-reinforcement training and was hooked! If you can train a warthog to calmly rest its chin in your hand while its tusks are dremeled, the possibilities are endless! It is now  a passion of hers to pursue and explore the newest science-based information in animal behavior and to be able to promote a force-free philosophy through education.


Abby has always had a love for animals having grown up with dogs and horses. As a teacher her greatest joy was being able to help a struggling student by observing their strengths and weaknesses and preparing their learning environment to meet their needs and set them up for success. She has found this same joy in helping dogs and their people build relationships based in trust and respect and to help domestic and captive animals have their best life possible.

Currently Abby helps runs K9 Turbo Training’s low-stress boarding farm, helps and trains in boarding, reactive dog classes, and provides in-home behavior consultations.


Taking her certification exam through the Association of Certified Professional Dog Trainers in March of 2019, Abby loves being a part of a science-based training community. Abby is also working toward certification in Equine and Suidae behavior and training.

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